The concept for the brand is rooted in the Taoist philosophy of simplicity and ease; Natural action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort.

Our design philosophy prioritizes material, fit, and timeless silhouette. A couture approach to fabrication and finish mastered through partnering with the World’s leading material and garment engineers. Subtleties within design and fundamental investments in material quality, WONE promises the most premium offerings. Our first collection is launched in black, offering five pieces of which only 600 units are produced of each.

We design with both physical and emotional durability ensuring our product will last the test of time. Deliveries on a twice yearly cadence allow focus and dedication to delivering a premium experience and operational excellence from a team with unprecedented industry experience. We believe this refined approach is not only the evolution of the sustainability movement but a more responsible way of doing business that connects to our clients in a deeper more meaningful experience.

We are honored to welcome you.