“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

As humans, we’re blessed with extraordinarily evolved senses that not only let us
experience the world around us, but also ground us in moment. WONE believes that just as exquisite food, music or perfume tap a deep sense of what it means to be exquisitely human, so should the touch of premium material against one’s skin.

This core belief inspires our manufacturing partnerships as well as our choices of material and their innovation. Based in France, Italy, and Austria, WONE’s partners operate the mills their families established generations ago. Truly material artisans, they’re dedicated to creating the world’s best performance fabrics, ones that also have a couture-quality look and feel.

Unhurried and thoughtful, our partners’ detail-obsessed production methods stand in stark contrast to those of mass-market brands. WONE is committed to providing an unrivaled sensory experience each time you don one of our carefully constructed garments, not unlike the feel of fine lingerie. And while we know that this commitment is unprecedented in the modern fitness apparel industry, we also believe it’s what humanity deserves.